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Who is

readworks is a privately-held company based in Berlin Germany, and a representation in Frankfurt a.M.
Formed in 2023 by Bernhard Behrendt and Dominik Kloke, readworks creates powerful and innovative tools to work with huge amounts of (un)structured text. As we respect user privacy and know about the high sensitivity of legal documents we design our software to work offline without the need to store data in the cloud. Apart from activation and software update checks, does not require any internet connections.

What products does readworks make?

The product line is an eDiscovery application that takes an innovative approach to text processing, aggregation, and presentation. It greatly benefits researchers, especially legal professionals, by making it easier and faster to find relevant information compared to traditional reading methods. With, when new documents are added to a file, the previously conducted searches are automatically applied to the new document and visually highlighted. This persistent behavior grants immediate access to the most likely relevant pages within the documents and visualizes the findings on any view in the application.

Additionally, we offer an enterprise solution tailored for customers who need to work in a collaborative research environment. This solution is particularly beneficial for investigations involving multiple individuals with diverse areas of expertise, all contributing to a large-scale case. It enables seamless collaboration and enhances the capabilities beyond what a single person can achieve or can boost smaller investigation teams to a new level.

Who uses readworks products?

Readworks products are primarily aimed at legal professionals and research-grade users or teams. However, any user participating in complex and text-intensive research processes can benefit from the power of the product.

How are readworks products distributed?

readworks products are available for download from After the 30-day free trial period, the chosen subscription plan starts on a monthly or yearly basis. Once the license key is obtained, it can be entered into the application to activate all features.

Company Artwork

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Highlighting working principle

readworks working principle

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